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Frequently Asked Questions
Alphabet Island

Q: How is spelling taught in Alphabet Island Phonics? TOP
A: Rules, often in the form of songs, give a concise and logical understanding of when and where to use a particular spelling for any given sound.

Q: How do I know if my child does not need to start with the Level 1 portion? TOP
A: If your child knows how to hear, see, say and write each letter of the alphabet, and can read and spell any three-letter word, he may enter directly to Level 2. The first unit of Level 2 is review, so if there are any deficiencies, you may work on them at that time and go on into the next unit when your child is ready.

Q: Why do you have the little characters in Alphabet Island? TOP
A: Children generally do not develop in their abstract thinking skills until they are about 9 years old. Spelling is actually a very abstract concept. The letter characters and the stories about them make it easier for the children to understand. For example, they may not be able to remember that ‘c’ says /s/ with ‘e’, ‘I’ and ‘y’, but they can easily remember that Clever ‘C’ says /s/ with the only girls in Alphabet Island, ‘Everloving ‘E’, Innocent ‘I’ and Yours Truly ‘Y’.

Q: How far does the Alphabet Island go? TOP
A: Alphabet Island Level 1 is basically for Kindergarten. There are two workbooks, 2-A and 2-B in Level 2 that cover 1st through 3rd grade material and the “big” patterns of phonics. When you finish with the Alphabet Island, you will continue teaching spelling with the Eagle’s Wings Comprehensive Handbook of Phonics for 4th through 9th grade. You will have covered about 40 of the 83 charts in that book when you finished Alphabet Island Level 2.

Q: How long does it take to prepare for a lesson? TOP
A: Alphabet Island was designed to be taught by non-teachers, The lessons are meant to be read aloud and there is virtually no advance preparation required. It may take a little while when you are first getting started to get used to the directions, but it soon becomes easy and enjoyable for both you and your child.

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